Trust Z-Bolt® for Superior Green Laser
Module Manufacturing & Design

Z-Bolt® has experimented, designed and delivered thousands of green laser modules since 2002. We have profited from the demands inherent in the design, testing and deployment of Military products for the US Armed Forces. Our green laser module clients include US Military Labs and Development Groups (Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore); Academia (MIT, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab); the Federal Government (NOAA, NASA) and private entities such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. We work daily with small, medium and large size corporations. We have a proven track record in the development of OEM modules for technology start-ups and hobbyists. Choose one of our COTS in stock green laser modules, or opt for an exclusive OEM design.

Buy Z-Bolt® Green Laser Modules -
In Stock - COTS (Consumer Off the Shelf)

Z-Bolt® stocks a large variety of green laser modules for immediate purchase. Modules with 20, 12, 10 & 8 mm diameters; choose wire leads or spring power connectors. Green Laser Modules that generate beam dots; 90~120° fanned laser line generators; built in adjustable focus; superior beam centering. We stock FDA Safety Class IIIa and IIIb. Heat Sinks are available as well. All Z-Bolt® Modules are Power Certified and ship with Laser Power Meter Reports.

Z-Bolt® OEM Design - "Build Your Own"

Whatever the demands of a particular project, whether technically complex or extremely time sensitive - Z-Bolt® works closely with a client's staff to design and manufacture an OEM module with the quality and capabilities needed, to the client's exact technical specifications, on time, and at the quantities required.

Please view the Z-Bolt® Custom Modules page to review our capabilities and a list of design services. We look forward to working with you!

COTS & OEM Green Laser Modules...

515nm Single Transverse Mode Semiconductors!

The SD-5B-LT-DOT is factory tested and tuned to lase at a guaranteed output of 4.0 to 5.0 mW. New technology OSRAM semiconductor diodes allow for extreme temperature operation - -10┬░C to +50┬░C. Add a Heat Sink for extended operation.


Standard Dot, Laser Line Generators, Adjustable Focus Optics

Z-Bolt® stocks 8, 10, 12 & 20 mm diameter green laser modules. Match our COTS (Consumer Off the Shelf) modules to your particular application - or build to your design. Choose your diameter, pulse modulation, length of wire leads or spring power connectors. We look forward to working with you!